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Ok so this year there are elections in my country (Brazil), and tonight there was this debate between the candidates for the presidency

I’m going to watch the debate tomorrow, but there’s being a really big repercussion about one thing, and I’ve watched the video and well

I’m going to translate here what one of the candidates said and I’m not going to comment anything:

Question: Why do people who defend family so much refuse so much to acknowledge as family a couple of the same gender?

Answer: “I’m 62 years old, and from what I’ve seen in life, two equals don’t make children. And I’ll say more: sorry, but excretory apparatus doesn’t reproduce. It’s an ugly thing to say, but we people can’t, I, that am a father of family, a grandfather, let these people repress us daily, trying to force this minority against the majority of the brazilian people. How can a father of family, a grandfather, sit here, underpinned, because he’s afraid of losing votes? I’d rather not have those votes, but be a father, a grandfather, who has shame, who instructs his child, who instructs his grandchild. And I’ll end this little story, I’ve seen now the holy priest, the Pope, expunge - well done! - from the Vatican a pedophile. It’s right! We treat our entire lives with religiosity, so that our children can actually find a good family path. So I’m really sorry, Luciana (the candidate who asked the question), let them enjoy well what they want to do and continue as they are, but I, as a president of the Republic, won’t stimulate it. If it’s in the law, let it be as it is, but never stimulating the homo-affective union”.

Question: In order to fight LGBT+phobia, it’s fundamental that we recognize equal civil marriage.

Answer: “In Brazil, there are 200 million inhabitants. If we start stimulating this thing, in a while we’re going to drop down to 100. Go to the Avenida Paulista (one of the biggest avenues in Brazil, located in Sao Paulo), walk there and see it for yourself, it’s getting ugly. So, people, let’s have courage, we’re the majority! Let’s stand up to this minority! Let’s face them, and not be afraid, of saying I’m a father, mommy, grandpa! And what matters the most is that these who have these problems be indeed attended psychologically and affectively, but very far away from us, very far away from us indeed, because here it can’t be”. 

I’m just going to leave this here and not say anything else.

Video in portuguese.

"So, people, let’s have courage, we’re the majority! Let’s stand up to this minority!"

And after inciting violence against the LGBT community in open tv, now this coward man has asked for federal police protection… Now he is hidden and scared, like the Brazilian homosexuals live, that are murdered every day by people like him.

UPDATE! So this really had a lot of repercussion, and other presidential candidates, along with the OAB (Brazil’s Order of Lawyers) are prosecuting him, making him probably lose his candidacy. When this man, Levy Fidelix, was approached about the topic again, he said:

"I don’t run away when things are rough. My beliefs stay the same, it’s not homophobia. On the contrary, I defend the position of father, of mother, of traditional family. That’s not discrimination. Discrimination is what they do to me, calling me a small candidate. They don’t give me the space I need and deserve."

"I think he (Marcus Vinicius Coelho, OAB’s president) is instrumentalizing the organ that should be impartial instead of taking a position against democracy. He’s defending a segment that is feeling offended and wants to put my back against a wall". 

"I’m defending free speech. I don’t agree with the homo-affective matters. Especially with the way they propound themselves, doing it in public. These displays of affection can be made privately. I stand for good morals and traditional family. I don’t have any aggressiveness. I’ve never discriminated anyone".

"Luciana and Eduardo (the other candidates for presidency, who are prosecuting him for his homophobic speech) only want votes. They want abortion, they want weed. Those are positions radically opposed to mine, but I will defend mine. I’m not attacking anyone. They are provoking the conditions of heterophobia. It can’t be. The same way I’m doing homophobia. And I’m not. I’m not making defense of hetereosexuals. Obey the laws: you stay there and I’ll stay here".

And this guy making homophobic speeches, Levy Fidelix, now plans on prosecuting Luciana, one of the candidates prosecuting him, accusing her of injury and of defending drugs.

And when he was asked what he’d do if a son or a family member of his was LGBTQ+, he said “This topic is over for me. I don’t want to think about it anymore”

Link in portuguese here.

i hope that at least the OAB not get over this topic. We need the criminalization of homophobia for this kind of people that try to hide their hate in “family values” to inciting violence and then not be prosecuted and put in jail. 


Jensen & his other best friend, coffee 


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demon!dean S10 still from Black


demon!dean S10 still from Black


Jensen Ackles Season 9 Promotional Shoot Outake


Laughing, because there’s 2 pepper shakers on the table, instead of salt and pepper.  I repeat, NO SALT


Laughing, because there’s 2 pepper shakers on the table, instead of salt and pepper.

I repeat,


The poster for tonight’s US Bank Arena show in Cincinnati. Artwork by Pendledon. 


The poster for tonight’s US Bank Arena show in Cincinnati. Artwork by Pendledon. 

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